Tax Return Checklist

It can be a pain trying to remember what documents you need for your tax return every year. By using our handy tax return checklist, you can make sure that you have provided us with everything we need to ensure your tax return is completed quickly and accurately and most importantly – with the maximum possible refund!


The 5 Steps to Tax Return Happiness:

1. Download our tax return checklist

2. Mark off the sections relevant to you and locate your associated payment summaries, paperwork and receipts (don’t stress if you are unsure about anything).

3. Either scan your checklist and paperwork to PDF, or bundle it all together for an in-person meeting.

4. Email your documents to and we can complete your tax return ultra-fast.

5. Call us on 9477 3288 to make an appointment to drop off your documents and we can complete your tax return super-fast.


Don’t delay! Email us or call us today so we can get your tax return completed ASAP.


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